Two petty crooks are threatening to sue the UK National Lottery provider, Camelot,

ave vowed to sue the UK National Lottery provider, Camelot, over a £4 million ($5 million) payout they claim to have won fair on a £10 scratchcard.

Mark Goodram and Jon-Ross Watson believe their criminal histories should not have prejudiced Camelot’s decision to withhold their £4 million lottery win and are threatening to sue for breach of contract.

Goodram, 36, and Watson, 31, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, embarked on a four-day drinking binge after they bought the winning ticket on Easter Monday. However, their festivities were cut short when they learned lottery officials were withholding the winnings because they suspected the ticket may have been purchased with a stolen debit card.

Camelot officials’ suspicions may have been aroused by the fact that neither man owns a bank account – a prerequisite for debit-card ownership.

When asked whose card they had used to buy the ticket, the two friends explained it belonged to a man called “John,” whom they had given cash to buy the ticket for them.

However, “John” has yet to come forward to corroborate the story.

Mark Goodram has 22 convictions for 45 criminal offences and stars regularly in the pages of the Bolton News’ “Bolton’s Most Wanted” feature.

He had been released from prison just weeks before his win, having served a sentence for burglarising a gas station and making off with £8,000 ($10,100), which included a charity box collecting for the local hospice. A stolen bank card was found on his person at the time of his arrest.

Jon-Ross Watson also has burglary convictions and was once imprisoned for 16 weeks for credit card fraud.