The position in poker is one of the basics, closely associated with that of the turns of speech. Indeed, as the rules of poker we learn, the players speak in turn after the donor, symbolized by what is called the button.

Thus, the first player after the button speaks (pass, put or fold) without knowing what other players plan to do. On the other hand, the last player can react according to the actions of other players.
Position in poker and speaking tours

Thus, if you are the first player after the button, so at the beginning of the turn, you will say that you are in an early position. In other words, you are not in a position of strength. Indeed, you will be the first to speak and will not be able to react to decisions made by other players around the table.

Conversely, if there are many players between you and the button, if you are at the end of the turn, then you are in late position. You are therefore in a strong position because the other players have already spoken and it is for you to react (and not act). It is in this position that you can try your bluffs or semi-bluffs because you already have information.

Position and bets

The information gathered during a shot is of great value. In general and without taking into account the bluffs and different strategies, we can quickly make the following deductions from the decisions made by the other players:

  • A passing player is a player with a weak hand, counting on his luck.
  • A player who follows a reasonably strong hand bet or seeks to finalize his hand. Then the danger is greater.
  • A player who raises most often has a strong hand that is dangerous to follow.

All this information makes it possible to take the appropriate decisions. So, the latest is your position, the more information you will have in your possession.

So you can choose what to do by taking into account the words of other players but also their mimicry, so-called “tells” that can detect a bluff. Also take care to be alert to everyone’s response times, especially if you play on an online poker room.

This indicator often makes you aware of a player’s insurance. Of course, contextualize this information so as not to be fooled by a player in ambush. This term refers to a technique used by a player who seeks to make you bet to restart then.

The strategy in synthesis

In conclusion, you will understand that the choice of your starting hand is also closely related to your position in the turn of speech. In a hasty position, just play hard hands.

On the other hand, in the late position, you will be able to play more hands and try to hit because you will be able to see the reaction of your opponents.