The poker combinations are always the same, whatever the poker variant you play. Second good news, a combination in poker is always made of 5 cards. On the other hand, the order of the cards and the value of the poker hands depend on the height of play you play (High, Low or High-Low).

But before presenting the 10 poker card combinations, it is important to give you two details:

Poker combinations are called hands.

In poker, the term color does not refer to the color of the cards (red or black) but refers to one of the 4 symbols (diamonds, hearts, spades or clubs). So when you read “5 different color cards”, you have to understand “5 different symbol cards”.

Below we will show you the order of Texas Hold’em High hands, ranked from lowest to highest. The order and the Low height values ​​are simply reversed. In High / Low, the winning hands will be the best and the weakest.
Hands and combinations in poker: order of cards

1. THE HEAVY CARD (weakest hand)

It is a fairly common and useful hand, especially in case of bluff where it then presents all its interest to designate the winner.

Imagine two players who have no game and bluff together. None go to bed and, at the end of the stroke, they must be separated. It is then whoever has the strongest card who wins the pot (the King in the example above).

This rule also allows to decide between two players having the same game.

Example: if two players have a pair of identical value, it is the one with the strongest card that wins.


A pair consists of 2 identical cards and necessarily of different color.

In case of a tie, for example 9 ♥ -9 ♠ vs 9 ♦ -9 ♣, it is the player with the strongest card at the highest value who wins the pot.


Twice 2 identical cards. In the example: pair of 9 and pair of valets.

If one of the pairs is identical, it is the second pair that separates the players.

In case of two identical pairs, it is the strong card that separates the players (in the example above, the strong card being the 2 ♥, the chances of victory are slim …).

Note that in the case – extremely rare – where all cards are identical, then the pot is shared between the two players.


A set consists of 3 identical cards and 2 mismatched cards since a poker hand always consists of 5 cards.

There can not be a tie with the three of a kind since there are not 6 identical cards in the deck of a poker card game.


A straight is made of 5 cards that follow each other but in different colors. This hand is also called a sequel.

Attention: in most games the White Straight (As-2-3-4-5) is accepted but take care to check it before the game starts.

In the event of a tie, it is the fifth ending in the highest card that wins the pot. For example, 7 ♣ -8 ♥ -9 ♥ -10 ♠ -J ♥ wins the game against 5 ♦ -6 ♣ -7 ♠ -8 ♥ -9 ♣.


A flush is 5 cards of the same suit and which do not follow each other.

If two players have a flush, the one with the highest card wins the game. In case of strong card equal, we take the map of the lower rank, and so on.


A full house is a hand consisting of 1 set and 1 pair, ie 3 identical cards and 2 other identical cards.0

If two players have a full, it is the one with the three of a kind (3 identical cards) that wins the pot. Remember that it is impossible to have 2 identical brelans since there are not 6 identical figures in all 52 cards.


The four of a kind is made as the name suggests 4 identical cards.

In case of a tie, the player with the highest card wins.


A straight flush is 5 cards that follow each other AND of the same color.

If two players have a straight flush, it is the one with the fifth finishing with the strongest card that wins the game.


The royal flush is a straight flush that ends in an Ace.

It is therefore 5 cards that follow each other, of the same color and ending with an Ace. This hand is absolutely unbeatable (but extremely rare).