There are hundreds of poker strategy books available in the bookstore and online, be it Texas Hold em poker books, Pot-limit Omaha, cash games or tournament games, but there are not many books out there that describe the poker game for beginners.

Most available releases assume that the reader already has some poker knowledge. What if you are completely blank and don’t know a thing about poker and would like to learn this great game? The first thing you should do is learn the hand rankings of the game you choose to play. Otherwise, you will not know which hand beats what, which would make the game completely meaningless!

Once you have learned the basics, you should continue to learn the requirements to start the hand. This will quickly show you that, although two random cards can win in poker, you should really have some knowledge of which cards to start with to play the hand.

The final step of a beginner’s journey would be to learn about the important importance of poker positions. Position is a significant factor that can and should dictate which hand you choose to see, increase bets and also when you should throw yourself away from the game. Talented players take advantage of their position at the table and can often play and win without looking at their cards because they play the last in one hand.

These are the three most important things you should learn before you actually try your hand at poker games. Once you have learned and understood the three points, the best thing you can do is put what you have learned into practice. Books, forums and videos can show you the basics, teach you the math and illustrate scenarios for you, but there is no other way to learn than to play, observe, and learn from the mistakes.