The reality is that there are many websites in which the data of all of us are in a position of vulnerability to people with malicious intentions.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, it is possible to enjoy safer environments during the most common online activities such as banking operations and casino games and online gambling.

However, it is necessary to apply some advice to ensure that the data we provide to gaming platforms, banks and buy are protected.

Verify that it is a secure website

All live casino websites will have to have an SSL security certificate that allows encrypting user data during the live game login so that they cannot be stolen by viruses or other malware.

This can be verified in the upper left of the browser, in which the word “Safe” is highlighted in green, when the web has the security certificate, and “Not Safe” when it lacks it.

You should never enter data in any form of a website that has a “Not Sure” warning, as it will be information that will be exposed to theft.

Search for contact information and verify the accuracy of that data

All web pages of respectable casinos and especially live ones need a customer service department that is truly efficient.

It is necessary that you verify the existence of contact information such as email and telephone numbers and contact them before making deposits and starting to bet. If you notice that in customer service they are evasive, take time to respond or simply never respond, it will be better to work with another operator.

All betting websites that operate in Spanish territory must have authorization from the General Directorate of Gambling Management, which is under the Ministry of Finance and is responsible for maintaining surveillance and control over casino operators, gambling and bets in general, ensuring the safety of the clients of said services .

Prefer traditional means of payment

The best way to know if a casino operator is reliable is to analyze the payment methods offered. A sign of confidence is to offer traditional means of payment such as bank transfers and receive payments from processors such as PayPal .

If you only offer these processors, or some less known ones, as a means of payment, it is better not to use that website.

Use only track record operators

Live casino operators offer a verifiable track record and have a broad user base. It is necessary to use only operators that can guarantee the security of the money you invest in sports betting and the profits obtained.

In many forums you can consult other users if they have had any inconvenience with their betting operator and so you can choose the one that seems most convenient to you.