The game has become, in a few years, a truly profitable business. This is confirmed by the figures obtained by the sector in 2015, an exercise in which the money spent on casinos and bets, both physical and online, amounted to 35,000 million euros.

Although the face-to-face game continues to hold the weight in the business, the entry into force in 2012 of Law 13/2011, which regulates and legalizes gambling on the Internet, led to the appearance on the scene of numerous operators that have helped Increase the accounts of the sector. Not surprisingly, since then more than 70 have obtained a license and only in 2015 the amounts played amounted to 8,562.8 million euros .

However, the regulatory framework approved by the government has failed to stop the proliferation of numerous fraudulent websites that take advantage of the ignorance of the uninitiated. Given the huge offer available on the web, how to avoid falling into scams? Next, we detail six keys in which you should look to avoid the risk of monetary loss and choose the online casino that best suits your needs:

1. Security

Operator safety is one of the key points when choosing an online casino. Do not get carried away by the juicy welcome bonuses offered by many websites and verify that you have the corresponding license issued by the General Directorate of Game Management of Spain. If he lacks it, he does not have legal permission to operate in Spain. It is also important that the money transactions between your account and the game operator are secure. To do this, you should see that the URL protocol appears with that end, that is, https instead of http.

2. Your reputation

Once confirmed that the operator is safe, look for user opinions on forums and other websites. On the network you can find various analysts who evaluate which online casinos are a scam or a scam or which are reliable. A platform that offers information on web pages where these types of economic transactions occur, while comparing them to each other. If you have doubts about the operator in which you must invest, read their reviews and find out what position they occupy. It is a good way to clarify doubts and discover what to expect with each operator.

3. The diversity of games

Most casinos offer different types of games, although sometimes they can be specialized in one in particular. Ask yourself before you start what you want to play. It is good that a casino offers diversity, but if you are only interested in one particular modality, you should choose an operator that stands out in that section, even if it falls in the rest.

4. How do you want to pay?

Withdrawal and income of money is another crucial point. Find out what payment methods are accepted and if among them is the one you want. Ideally, choose an operator that accepts, in addition to credit card and bank transfers, some electronic wallet. They are instantaneous and, above all, safe.

5. Customer service

If you plan to play at night and customer service has an office schedule, you may want to opt for another platform. Ideally, such a service be quick and available 24 hours a day. If not, it should at least match your game hours. It is also important that the forms of contact are diverse (telephone, email, chats …), free and in Spanish.

6. Welcome bonuses

To attract new customers, online platforms usually offer welcome gift vouchers, but in many cases they are associated with a minimum bet volume by the customer or a specific period and, if not used, disappears. It is essential, therefore, to read carefully its terms and conditions so that then there are no unpleasant surprises.

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