You already know this from online casinos: Players can set their own deposit limit if they do not trust their personal gambling behavior. That such a limit should also be supervised by a gambling authority is still relatively new. Sweden had the ingenious idea of ​​creating a deposit limit in life that should be controlled by the gambling authority.

Players in Sweden, however, have found opportunities to circumvent these new provisions.

From July 2020, players in Sweden should only be allowed to deposit €480 per week in an online casino. However, this new regulation only makes sense if it can also be reviewed. This is exactly what the new regulation failed to do, as the players developed an idea: They signed up at various online casinos and thus paid significantly more than the prescribed limit.

Why this could work lay in the system itself: The online casinos were stopped from controlling the deposit limit. This may also have worked, however, with the downside that the casinos do not work together. So it was possible that the deposit limit could be reached at any casino.
Gender Equality Commission intervenes

That the regulations could not be implemented should have been clear from the start. One idea would have been for players to be automatically blocked at other casinos. In this case, there is a chance that the new regulations can be monitored. However, this was not provided for in the new law.

For this reason, the Equality Commission has now come to the fore. This requires all online casinos to work together. In this way, a central register could be set up by storing all the required data. However, experts see it as a violation of both Swedish and European law. Furthermore, with the storage of the data of the protection of this could no longer be guaranteed.

Others, on the other hand, see online surveillance as a violation of the freedom that the Internet should actually grant.
Players protect themselves

Interestingly, players themselves take the new rule seriously – apart from those who deliberately use multiple online casinos. The other part of the player, however, volunteered for a break in the self-exclusion register. These reported a rise in the number of reported persons in the summer. As a result, more than 50,000 people are currently registered, including 1,000 new registrations.

These messages clarify that laws and regulations do not always lead to success. Very often the desired success increases when reason is appealed to. Online casinos have suspected this for years and offer various suggestions on their pages on how players can protect themselves. Apart from a block and a deposit limit, players could take advantage of an account break or a round reminder. Both allow you to stop playing for a while and thus not lose any money.

However, regulations that Sweden has abandoned can definitely be complied with. However, pros have no use for a deposit limit and even few players could be disappointed if they are on a strip of luck. From this perspective, the voluntary measures of several online casinos seem to make sense. Because one thing must also be taken into account: Whoever is no longer allowed to make a deposit, who also does not have the chance to receive a bonus that has been tied to a deposit. This fact definitely does not seem to have anything to do with justice anymore.

However, those who meet the deposit limit can still win. Many online casinos also offer a no deposit bonus. Furthermore, there are always free games that are given to special regular customers. Nobody has to make a deposit for this either – the chances of winning are just as high as after a deposit.

Relatively new, on the other hand, is the chance to participate in cashback. In this case, the players get back part of their loss or bet. However, this option is not yet offered by every casino. However, should this be the case, it should also be used.

Other gambling operators present on their homepage aid organizations that anyone can turn to if they do not show responsible gambling. This is more common among players who focus on roulette and slots. There, the attraction of winning is significantly higher

r as for example in poker or baccarat. In addition, the first-mentioned games are those that do not require any prior knowledge. That’s why they’re particularly used.