During the current health crisis, online casinos have certainly seen a greater influx of players. After all, it is a hobby that can be carried out from home. Gambling helps you relax and can make you feel happy. But not all experiences are positive. It seems all the more important that every customer draws up rules for himself and then adheres to them. We have more experience than most of the others within the virtual casinos in Germany. So we’ve put together five golden rules to keep your casino experience positive in the long run.

Of course, you have to make a selection beforehand. The following question arises: which online casino is right for me? You can find out the answer in a self-test. Just take a look at a few pages. Most casino sites are really professionally run. Therefore it depends to a large extent on personal taste. Our online casino reviews can help you make a choice. Because there we list the strengths and weaknesses of the providers.

  1. Do not overexert your luck

There will be days when everything goes like clockwork. You win and you win and you win. But every series has an end. And suddenly your winnings go flat. In the frenzy of joy, many customers still play and risk turning the positive run into a negative one. Hence our explicit advice: If you have earned well in one day, then stop early. Just enjoy the feeling of having ended your game round with a higher amount than before.

If you want to continue playing, then reduce your stakes to a minimum and play very comfortably (slowly). So you keep the joy. We would do the same with a losing streak – just lower the stake and enjoy the game until it picks up again.

  1. Set yourself limits and stick to them

We recently wrote an interesting article on the subject of money management in this regard. The aim is to set limits for yourself. This can be a monthly deposit of 200 euros, but also a maximum bet of two euros per game round. It is important that the limits you choose reflect your personal finances. Therefore, there is no simple rule of thumb here.

In short: if you get your salary and deduct all costs, then you set aside something for vacations, repairs and hobbies and then have money left over, there is nothing against risking part of it in the online casino. By the way, you can set up limits yourself at the casinos. Then it is not possible to violate it for the time being.

  1. Be sure to pay out winnings

Of course, you don’t have to request a withdrawal every day that you have more money in your gaming account than the day before. But let’s say you deposit 100 euros. Then you could set yourself a limit of 500 euros. As soon as you exceed this amount, you will issue a direct debit. You will only pay in again with the next monthly interval. You are guided by the limits you have set yourself.

This kind of self-reward makes you feel good on the one hand and brings you back to the real world on the other. Because we recommend squandering the unexpected profit. Treat yourself to a day in the beauty salon, collect the prizes for a wellness trip, treat yourself to a year of Netflix or even save up for a longer vacation trip.

  1. Stay ready to learn and improve your game

Aren’t we talking about online gambling? Is there really a way to influence your own chances of winning? Of course this depends on the game. With a slot machine there is a fixed probability of winning, called “Return to Player” (RTP). But even here you can counteract a little with a deployment strategy. With table games like roulette, blackjack or poker, you have a slightly greater chance of influencing. Find out about these games and keep learning.

Even if you are primarily interested in having fun, winning is still more fun than losing.

  1. Always keep calm and keep a cool head

Hand on heart. How big is the annoyance when you’re just past a big payout? Or when you have to endure a long streak of bad luck? Basically, we are concerned with the mood when playing in the online casino. If you feel joy and excitement even on bad days, then all is well. However, if your mood quickly turns negative, then you should question yourself and your gambling behavior.

First, you should try to regain the joy of playing. Perhaps you can change the way you think about winning and losing. Otherwise, a short break from play may help to clear your head again. If neither was possible, you should generally look for a different hobby. Why stick to an activity that creates a bad mood?