Well have no fear, here are some tips to help beginners feel more comfortable with online poker.

Remember, there are thousands of newbies playing poker online right now so you are not alone.

Play for free

The best online poker sites allow you to download and start playing for free in minutes. You don’t need to give out any credit card information and there’s no time limit, you can play poker online for free as much as you want, and it’s a hell of a good way to learn how to play poker online for free. to play.

Most of the players playing at the free tables are beginners and also players who want to play just for fun but don’t prefer to add a financial side to the thing.

Of course it is fictitious money so no reason to be worried about your bets, but at the same time the fact that it is fictitious should especially not make you play lightly by taking all the risks, because by playing like that you will not learn anything at all.

Here are some tips for getting started playing poker online:

  • Get to know the poker game, the rules, and of course poker hand strength like second nature. Aside from the value of the hands which is imperative to know, try if possible to know roughly the percentages of chances of having a particular hand, it will really help you a lot in your strategy.
  • The most played online game is texas hold’em, whose rules you will find here it is the game with the most tournaments and in which all the pros play, so you need to practice this game.
  • Don’t hesitate to watch poker games on tv or youtube, it’s amazing how much it can help you define and learn strategy.
  • Read a good book or two on poker, one can be found quite easily on the net, the important thing in poker is knowledge and strategy.
  • Play, play and play, practice is most important, take advantage of the free tables to practice your skills and polish your strategy.
  • The free tables are mostly beginner players but not always, so it is important not only to play but also to win, even if it is play money.
  • Look at other players, try to understand their strategy and read them. You fold during a game, fine, but don’t take the opportunity to check your emails or anything else, on the contrary use this moment to watch your opponents.

Finally, do not forget that it is a game, have fun there, you will sometimes make pretty moves that will make you proud and sometimes crushing mistakes, poker is a science but above all it remains a game in which chance and luck have their place.