Poker is an international game of which the usual language is in English. So if you want to play online, here is a selection of poker jagon’s words to know:

Kicker: this is the strongest card that will accompany a pair ex you have A.A.V. 5.3 the jack is the kicker

All-in: this means that you put everything you have on the table on the table, and this all at once.

Ante: This is a mandatory bet for all players participating in a tournament. Antes usually appear in the middle of a tournament in addition to the blinds and can speed up play.

Backdoor: means you made your hand using the turn and the river

Bad Run: it’s a bad series, a series of moves where you end up losing

Bank Roll: This is the money you have available to play poker.

Big Blind: this is the amount that the second player to the left of the dealer (dealer) must pay

Cellar: this is the amount to be put on the table to be paid in order to participate in a tournament

Coin Flip: it’s like a coin flip, i.e. the odds are equal on both sides

Chip Leader: the person with the most chips in front of them, at the table or in the tournament.

Cash Out: means that you leave to exchange your tokens for soannt and stumbling money

Call: action which consists of following and aligning with the strongest offer

Fish: a beginner who plays badly, the ideal pigeon

Flop: These are the first three exposed cards placed on the table by the dealer that the players have in common.

Freeroll: it’s a free tournament, you don’t have to pay anything but you can win money

Fold: means to pass, to lie down

Full Ring: it is a game where each table has 9 or ten players

Grinder: It’s playing against players at a much lower level, with a much lower “division”.

Head’s Up: it’s the final confrontation, the face to face that will reveal the winner

Loose: it means that we have a fairly wide selection of hands and we play easily to the end

Muck: we throw our cards away without turning them over

Odds: odds or a player’s value of a hand

On the Rush: have luck on your side

Pot Limit: game in which the amount of the maximum bet is the amount of the pot

Poker Face: have a totally impassive face, without any emotion so as not to reveal yourself in front of your opponents

Pocket Pair: means that your own two cards form a pair

Raise: the relaunch, raiser means relaunch.

Rainbow: the flop cards are all three different suits

Rebuy: buy back a cellar to rebuild and be able to continue playing

Split Pot: division of the pot when there is a tie.

Small Blind: this is the amount to be paid for the player just to the left of the dealer.

Sit and Go: refers to a tournament that starts when the initially planned number of participants is reached.

Showdown: This is the final phase when the players reveal their game

Stack: this is the set of tokens that a player will have

Turn: this is the fourth community card that the dealer in texas holdem will turn over

Tell: external signs or tics, or any emotions that can be conveyed to the body, your opponents will try to discover and analyze them.

Tight: tight, we have a rigorous game, and we select only sure hands

Under the Gun: It’s the wrong place, it’s the third player to the left of the dealer, just after the big blind, he bets blind.

Top Two: this means in poker that your two cards will combine with the two highest community cards to give you two pairs.