Want to improve your blackjack game? Here are five quick and easy tips that every blackjack player should keep in mind while playing:

1. Always use the basic blackjack strategy

If you don’t use even a basic blackjack strategy you can’t expect to be a winner in the long run. A simple strategy is the first tool that a blackjack player should master before approaching the tables. You can reduce the casino’s edge to less than 1%.

2. Select your casino and your table

Casinos play with several decks of cards in the shoe and the same rules, so you can choose your casino according to the friendliness, you might as well have a good time playing.

Some offer automatic mixers or remix the cards prematurely (50% penetration rate), these are aspects that the card designer will check: he will avoid this type of table. Avoid them too, even if you don’t count cards, to make the casino understand that this type of blackjack is of no value.

Also check that the casino allows you to double down on all cards and not only on the 9, 10 and 11.

3. The probabilities will allow you to better understand the game

To understand the logic behind this basic strategy, check out blackjack odds . Likewise, the probabilities tell us the more logs there are in the shoe, the more the dealer is likely to burst, the more it benefits the player: this is the very principle of counting cards. Concretely, counting the cards consists in determining the periods during which there is a high ratio of logs in the shoe. The techniques differ, but the goal remains the same: determine when to increase your bets and when to decrease them.

4. Train on your computer

Play blackjack online to practice your strategy, until it becomes second nature to you.

You can also deal the cards yourself, playing the roles of both player and dealer, and thus apply basic strategy while counting cards. A good card counter is capable of counting a deck of 52 cards in less than 25 seconds!

5. Never Take Insurance Unless You Are Counting Cards

It’s simple, never take insurance in blackjack unless you are an experienced card counter. Taking insurance only benefits the casino and only inexperienced players will take the insurance offered to them. You will lose money there, so avoid.