Last week, Yoh Viral caused a stir when he took part in a high limit poker festival. On the Super High Roller Bowl Europe at Casino Merit in Cyprus, the French player pocketed more than a million dollars in tournament winnings. Back on a prolific week for the troublemaker of hexagonal poker.

In Cyprus, Yoh Viral came, initially, for a few days of vacation. But his program was quickly upset by his desire to test the chips. He then decided to play a $25,000 tournament at the Super High Roller Bowl Europe festival.

Over a million dollars pocketed by Yoh Viral this week

The gratin of world poker is present with big names like Phil Ivey or Stephen Chidwick who are regulars at these meetings. Last Wednesday, August 25, thunderclap. The player wins for $506,250. A victory hailed by many big names in poker like Pierre Calamusa. In the process, the player signs another standing performance by finishing third in a $100,000 Buy-in tournament, for $560,000 in winnings.

He plays a very conservative game, folding AK for example. It must be said that the bearings were enormous. The player, who was invited Sunday August 29 in the RMC Poker Show, presented by Daniel Riolo, Moundir and Pierre Calamusa, returned to this fold which caused a lot of talk on the web. He indicated that he did not regret this play at that time.

On this crazy week, Yoh Viral pocketed more than a million dollars in winnings. With this performance, it takes on a new dimension. He had been racing for years after a big win. Even if the field of the tournaments was weak, the players present were international sizes. On social networks, Yoh Viral was particularly active and also thanked his fans. Last spring, in Las Vegas, Yoh Viral had already taken part in High Roller in Las Vegas.

In Malta, Yoh Viral puts on a show

In 2012, Yoh Viral decided to settle in Malta, a paradise for poker players. Many French people are also settled there. Over time, the community of fans following him on social networks increases significantly. Its Sunday sessions bring together thousands of fans. The player is very divisive and has many detractors. Just take a look at the Forum Club Poker to see what poker fans blame him for, his questionable marketing methods and his omnipresence on social networks, often with young women.

Yoh Viral managed with PokerPro to seduce many amateur players. Many novice players want to play poker for free online and then improve their skills and play tables with financial stakes. In Malta, Yoh Viral also plays many Cash Game sessions with casino streamers like TeufeurS or Bidule. During these games, thousands of euros are put into play. The hands played by the different protagonists at the table are sometimes quite surprising. Which gives a nice show. Moreover, a large part of these Cash Game sessions are broadcast and followed by thousands of people.

In recent months, with the confinements, the online casino has become increasingly important. In Europe, in countries where virtual casinos are authorized, there has been enormous enthusiasm. There are many online platforms that also offer welcome bonuses to test these games. You can experiment with slot machines but also play BlackJack and vibrate at the tables.

WSOP in focus

From the end of September, the WSOP will take place in Las Vegas. This is the flagship meeting of the poker world. Recently, the organizers indicated that vaccination is mandatory to take part in the many tournaments on the WSOP 2021 program (88 in total). Yoh Viral will be present during the competition and should take part in many events. In 2019, Johan Guilbert came close to a title by taking second place in a tournament.

This year, he is very ambitious and wants to win a bracelet. We will follow his adventures on social networks. It must be said that for a Frenchman, winning a bracelet means entering the pantheon of French poker . This is the case, for example, of Patrick Bruel or Ivan Deyra. Of course, one of the highlights will be the WSOP Main Event, the most prestigious $10,000 tournament on the planet. Some French have already managed to reach the final table like Sylvain Loosli, Benjamin Pollak or Antoine Saout.