If many of us go to casinos or gambling circles to practice poker, we can still have fun playing other games. Roulette, slot machines, blackjack or craps, there are many and each one has a particular interest. Don’t know how to play it? Discover in this article the rules of all these casino games.


The game of roulette is certainly the one that is best known and that we inevitably see when a film takes place in a casino. It is played by betting on one or more numbers but you can also choose options such as black or red, pass or miss. Thus, the players first place themselves around the table and the drawing of the number comes after the croupier has launched a ball into the roulette wheel, a circular container fitted with notches with numbers marked in various colors.

Roulette Rules

Before starting the game and opening the game table, the croupier announces the total of all bets. It is only when a player shows up that they ostensibly announce that the game is open, usually with the phrase “place your bets”.

  • As soon as this sentence comes, all players can place their bet on the carpet.
  • The croupier takes the ball and spins the wheel in the opposite direction to that of the game made before.
  • He then spins the ball in the opposite direction to which the spinner is spinning. The ball must make at least 3 turns of the cylinder for the validation of the game.
  • Just before the arrival of the ball on the brass deflectors, therefore before finishing its race in the roulette wheel, the croupier announces “nothing is wrong”.
  • After this sentence, no more bets can be placed on the table.
  • When the ball stops in one of the squares, the croupier directly announces the winning number as well as its color and goes or misses.
  • He then places a weight on the number in question and proceeds to the payment of the winning bets.
  • Once the players have collected their winnings, he once again announces the phrase “place your bets” and a new game can begin.

To win at roulette, some players use martingales. These techniques, the reliability of which has never been fully proven, are based on betting principles often consisting of doubling down after a loss. If it works, so much the better, but otherwise the losses can be substantial.


One of the best known games in casinos is blackjack, “black jack” in English. Its success probably comes from the simplicity of its rules: each player challenges the bank. Thus, the participants sit down in a semi-circle, facing the croupier who deals the cards.

Blackjack Rules

To win a game of blackjack, the objective is to get the score as close as possible to 21, or equal to 21, without ever exceeding it. If a player or the bank goes over 21, they are said to be “burning” or “burning”. In other words, he lost. The value of the cards is defined as follows:

  • From 2 to 9, the nominal value is retained.
  • Each figure is worth 10 points, they are called “log”.
  • Ace is worth 1 or 11, it’s up to the player to choose.

Each round, the player can decide if they want to be served again or leave it at that. For example, a player with a queen and a 9 will already have 19 points. Only a 2 would allow him to reach 21, a 3 card would make him lose everything. It will then be wiser for him not to ask for a new card. Conversely, a player with a 2 and a 3 has 5 points. Even a 10 point figure can only improve his score. He will therefore have to apply for a new card.


Baccarat is a card game that is played with players called “punters” and a banker whose role is held by the croupier. It is a popular game in physical casinos as well as on online gaming platforms.

Baccarat rules

The players are placed on 2 tables and bet on one, the other or even on both at the same time. The banker, meanwhile, plays against both tables. According to a draw table, he takes a third card. The value of the cards is estimated as follows:

  • Cards from Ace to 9 hold their face values. The ace has the value of 1.
  • The remainder, called “logs”, from 10 to king is worth 0.
  • The value of the game is made by adding the cards according to their value.
  • We only remember the units, for example, a 3 and a 4 are worth 7. But a 5 and a 7 are worth 2.
  • The winner is the one with the highest number.

The slot machine

The slot machine is the most emblematic of games of chance. The one we call the “one-armed bandit” can be found in all the casinos that have reopened since May 19 . This gambling game requires no special knowledge and is usually played with coins or tokens.

How to play slot machines?

The slot machine is made up of easy to use elements. Indeed, it allows players to play it with a very simple system.

  • The player inserts coins or tokens into the machine and then pulls the handle or presses buttons.
  • The machine’s display system, which is on the reels or via a screen, triggers to notify that the game is beginning.
  • The result displayed is random. The player’s gain therefore depends on the displayed result.


Dice are the symbol of the universal game. It is played all over the world and in casinos it is the rules of craps that are most often used. To play it, all you need are two dice whose values ​​are printed on the top and not engraved as on traditional dice. This ensures that each face has the same weight and thus avoids any cheating. Moreover, before the start of each game, a casino security person comes to weigh each dice.

Craps Rules

The rule of the game is simple and there are different ways to win at craps.

  • Considering the total points on the dice.
  • By taking the particular figures composed by the dice: craps, hard ways , 11 and 7.
  • Craps designating a total that can only be obtained with a 2=1+1, a 3=1+2 and a 12=6+6.
  • The hard ways are doubles 2+2, 3+3, except the doubles of 1 and 6 above.
  • The 11 which can only be obtained with a 6+5 and 5+6.
  • And the 7 which can be obtained by several combinations.

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