When you are a fan of online games, it happens that you have to practice your passion from another European country, whether during the holidays or for work. It is then a question of ensuring that the practice of our passion is exercised within a legal framework in order to avoid any problem. Here are some particularly useful tips for having fun abroad legally.

Check accreditations

As a general rule, no gambling website can offer its services online before having obtained an approval issued by a government body. Note that a virtual casino must receive certification from the Gambling Commissions based in the country where it is domiciled, in order to operate legally.

This accreditation, easily visible with the affixing of a label, must therefore appear on the home page of the site or in its legal notices so that users can easily check it. So, to play online on a reliable site, you just need to check if the official logo appears on one of these e-casino pages. In France, for example, it will be the logo of the National Games Authority (often abbreviated ANJ) that must be sought as well as the individual accreditation number. Granted every 3 years, this certification imposes on Internet gaming sites a list of checks to be carried out each year and updates to be made.

It should also be noted that this license is only granted to e-casinos that have complied with strict specifications, but above all that undertake to respect a responsible gaming policy and to guarantee the protection of users. By opting for a certified site, you can be sure to have fun on appropriate and verified games, without fear of a scam. In addition, an online casino that is accredited will be required to comply with the legislative rules in force. As a result, you can have fun with different entertainment and cash in your winnings directly, whenever you want.

For added security, remember to check the site’s charter and make sure it has strict rules. For more reliability, some sites will also present you with a certification provided by an independent commission such as eCOGRA .

Choose from legal sites in each country

In principle, when you are new to online gambling, it is best to start by checking the law in your country of residence. Indeed, the legislation varies considerably from one State to another and therefore the rights and obligations are not the same. So if a casino tries to scam you, you can get an idea of ​​what to do or what to expect.

Also consider researching the regulatory bodies, gaming commissioners and especially the guidelines governing the platforms in each country where you plan to play. As any gambling site will have to comply with these guidelines, non-compliance with the rules systematically results in the withdrawal of the work permit. This is also how we can recognize the legality of a site. In order to check whether an e-casino is legal or not, look for these following items:

  • License from a reputable independent regulator or commission
  • Development carried out by one of the recognized software publishers
  • Bank payments secured by a reliable bank or organization (PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, etc.)
  • Presence in a list of verified sites such as that of legal online casinos in Luxembourg
  • Responsive and attentive customer service, via various media (chat, e-mail, telephone, etc.)

You can also read the terms of use and legal notices, or get information from people who know the area perfectly. Of course, feel free to visit the site, read customer reviews, and also browse the homepage to find credentials and accreditation. Market-leading platforms may even have more than one certification.

Use a VPN to change your location

Gambling on the Internet may be prohibited by the laws of certain countries and sometimes Governments apply restrictions to prevent players from accessing e-casinos. In this case, they can use a VPN to change their IP address and thus obtain another location, from where access to gaming sites is authorized.

Virtual Private Network or VPN is software that you can add to your browser. This tool includes many small programs that allow you to change the IP address that will appear on the sites consulted. The IP address, which is a kind of virtual identity card of your computer, will then be different thanks to the VPN, allowing you to be completely undetectable. The most powerful VPNs will even be able to encrypt the data passing through your new IP address. In this case, in addition to discretion, you also benefit from optimal security. Indeed, the tool will not only hide your real location, but also encrypt your connection. This way, no one will be able to track or monitor your online activity.

However, even if the use of this tool proves to be fast and practical, it can involve certain risks: failure for use of VPN, deletion or blocking of account, impossibility to withdraw your money and many others. To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend that you only use a VPN to access your favorite gaming sites when traveling abroad.