In recent years, with the appearance of smartphones and tablets, online card games have experienced unprecedented growth: thousands of players play their favorite games every day on their computer or directly on their mobile. In this article, we will see which are the different card games that it is possible to play, the most popular and others that may be less popular.


Poker is much more than a card game. It is above all a game of bluffing, extremely rich in terms of the different possible combinations, but also in terms of the behavior of the players around the table. Learning poker is above all about immersing yourself in a state of mind, launching a psychological challenge to try to understand what is going on in your opponent’s mind and to detect the flaws that could benefit you. The art of poker is to win with nothing. And therein lies the complexity of this game!

Faced with the popularity of this game and the number of practitioners, many sports betting sites have integrated sections entirely dedicated to Poker on which players can compete and bet money, as if it were a real adversary!


Today, there are a multitude of card games online. Many sites and applications have appeared and offer a digital alternative to the sometimes ancestral versions of these games. The principle is simple: by downloading software or directly online, by facing an artificial intelligence or a real player, there are many solutions to play your favorite card game directly from your phone or computer! Below is a roundup of the best known and trending card games right now.


Belote is a card game that is played from a tarot deck, with trumps. Belote obeys many more or less strict rules that you will have to learn before you start a game. You can play with two, three or four players. There are a few apps that allow you to play belote online, the best being the FunBelote app .

The battle

Battle is one of the oldest card games around. It is also one of the simplest. Indeed, everyone has already practiced the battle at some point in their childhood. Its basic rules allow anyone to play it. The battle is played in number of two and there are some variants like the Corsican battle.

The solitary

As its name suggests, solitaire is a card game that is played alone. Again, this is the perfect game if you have a little time ahead of you to relax and pass the time! On the application stores, you can download many apps that will allow you to play very quickly directly from your phone.