The restlessness of all the players, of course is to win, is the question that repeats again and again, what can I ask to win. Unfortunately there is no miraculous method to win, if not believe us that we would be millionaires, but at least what does exist are ways to maximize and implement their games, so that it is more profitable and especially minimizing losses.

In our article we will include a series of strategies for online casino games. It is very important that you follow them without skipping a step. They are updated, so be sure to read them carefully, so you can execute them correctly.

Make a budget

For any game in which you are going to play, you have to create and calculate a budget, when we talk about real money, you have to have 100 eyes of not being carried away by emotion and start betting without any control, your goal is to use your budget In an effective way and keep losses at bay, a correct and efficient administration of your bet will be the key factor to make a profit.

You must take into account your game habits, write down how many times you play per month, the duration of your games and the game budget you have available.

If you play twice a week and each session has a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes, to the slot machines with a budget of € 200 we will apply the following formula:

  • 4 weeks x (32 sessions of 1h 30m) = 12 hours of play per month
  • So per hour it’s € 200/12 = € 16.6
  • And per minute = € 16.6 / 60 = 0.27
  • A bet is usually made every 20 seconds so: 0.27 / 3 = 0.092 per bet

This calculation is designed so that if we play at 0.092 per bet, at the end of a normal month and without having won anything, but we have not exceeded the budget we had thought. Not easy?

Other tips to win

Another simple trick would be to choose the games with the best payment tables, in most online casinos you have payment tables showing all the payments that have been delivered in the last hours in the different games, that can give you an idea of which game is more profitable and you have more chances to win great prizes. Study and take advantage of this information!

Another trick to keep in mind is to take advantage of welcome bonuses, there is currently a battle between casinos of who is the one that offers the best deals and bonuses in the market to attract their players, this is a great advantage that you can not enjoy in The land casino. Welcome bonuses give you the opportunity to try their games for free without risking money from your pocket, you can learn more here. Take advantage of all this offered and try the casino games you have chosen. There is a huge variety, from casino that offers you 100% of the money you have deposited to a money limit set by the casino, to free spins …

We hope you find these tips useful and put them into practice in a correct way.