You have to know the RTP and the advantage of the house.

Two important concepts that all high-roller already dominates.

  • RTP: means “return to the player” for its acronym in English, and refers to the percentage of bets that the casino retains in a particular game.
  • House Advantage: mean it is the advantage that the casino has in each of its games over time.

Both concepts explain the same thing: the odds in favor of the online casino. It is no secret to anyone that, in the long term, the house always wins. But Veteran Casino knows that some games, such as blackjack and special roulette bets, are more favorable for the player.

Take advantage of welcome bonuses … and don’t forget the T&C

All online casinos have a kind of “hook” to attract new users. Whether balance to bet or free spins on slots, promotions are varied and certainly striking.

However, things are not always rosy. Before claiming any bonus, you need to read the terms and conditions carefully. Veteran Casino recommends paying attention to:

  • Betting requirements to claim prizes (x20 – x35 is normal; x50 is high).
  • “Spirit of play” clauses.
  • Games that count toward the wagering requirement.

Betting systems are pretty, but they don’t work

The Veteran Casino is fascinated by the mysticism that surrounds the game world. In a way, he loves the idea that the lady of fortune is the only one who decides the fate of the brave gamblers who dare to sit at a game table.

Many players still do not understand this truth. Therefore, they have devised all kinds of systems such as Martingale and Fibonacci that only create illusions … and losses.

There is no need to fear cryptocurrencies

The world has evolved considerably in recent years. Today, money has left its physical form to move to the virtual realm.

Many operators have already welcomed bitcoin, ether and other virtual currencies. Those who decide to use them as a payment method, as Veteran Casino does, can usually enjoy special bonuses, coupled with the benefits of cryptocurrencies .

Before playing, you always have to check the licenses

Finding Casinos online is very easy. Finding reliable online casinos is also easy. But many people seem to forget some basic guidelines for not falling prey to internet scammers. One of the easiest data to verify is the existence of a game license.

Some of the most reliable regulators are:

  • Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling in Spain
  • UK Gaming Commission
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Curacao Games Commission

The gaming license usually appears at the end of the online Casinos website, and must be checked directly on the regulator’s website.

It is worth learning card game strategies

Veteran Casino loves to bet on poker and blackjack tables and, over the years, has learned that a good strategy can significantly reduce the home advantage.

Unlike betting systems, strategies are based on mathematical and statistical models. Counting cards in blackjack is easy and now allowed in most online operators. If Veteran Casino says so, it’s because it’s true!

Do not miss VIP programs

For frequent visitors to online casinos, there is no doubt that it is a good idea to be part of the VIP programs. These programs deliver special bonuses, priority attention and even invitations to world class events, all for being loyal to a gaming establishment.

Many casinos decide to hide their VIP programs from curious eyes, so it is worth contacting customer service to ask for all the details.

Regular promotions are also worth it

Many believe that welcome bonuses are the only thing that online casinos have, although they can’t be more wrong. Operators are interested in maintaining their clientele, so they frequently organize all kinds of promotions such as:

  • Slot tournaments
  • Deposit bonuses on certain days of the week
  • Draws with special prizes
  • Refund of lost bets

The live casino can be very entertaining

Live dealer games can offer a social experience close to that of any physical casino. In these games, a person manipulates real objects (such as dice and cards) to offer a top-notch experience.

The Veteran Casino frequents the live halls of blackjack and roulette, where players crowd to watch it play and ask all kinds of questions.

The casino must be fun

Last but not least, the Veteran Casino wishes to remember that the most important thing when visiting an online casino is fun. That is why he never bets money that he considers important, nor does he sacrifice time that he has destined for other activities.

The online game is precisely a game. The Veteran Casino recommends taking it as such.