There are many myths on the Internet when it comes to casino tricks and tips. Here these supposedly safe strategies were subjected to a critical examination. We found that besides some good advice there is unfortunately a lot of nonsense. Different strategies and tips are based on pure observation, suggestion and an intuitive relationship to statistics. However, these do not withstand a mathematical check. But not only that. Some stitches are simply fraud.

Just when it sounds particularly good, you should be careful. If you have common sense and don’t let yourself be blinded, you should know that online casinos have to make profits in order to survive. The games in an online casino are therefore basically designed so that there is a house edge for the provider.

In addition to smashing some stubborn legends, we also want to give you some sensible tips here to create an entertaining and exciting casino experience.

Set game budget

Before playing, it is very important to set a gaming budget that you should not exceed. You should only play with the money that you can really do without. It also makes sense to think about a fixed stake per round. If you play with high stakes on slot machines, it can quickly go downhill with the gaming budget. The stake should not be too high.

Play for jackpots with the casino bonus

For new customers, there is often a welcome bonus in online casinos to attract players and entice them to play. Such a casino bonus is particularly worthwhile for those players who want to play slot machines . It is interesting that the slots are usually counted at 100 percent. However, one should note that the jackpot games are sometimes excluded from the. It may therefore be possible that the casino bonus cannot be used to play for the jackpot.

Stop when you’re in the plus

Quit when you’re in the plus, it sure sounds strange to some players. But it’s actually logical. Because if you are already in the plus, you should not catapult yourself back into the minus. Most players find it difficult to stop just then. But you quickly get greedy and only act irrationally. But a good casino player always knows exactly when it ends. So you shouldn’t overdo it and think that things will go on as before. The plus is quickly used up, which is annoying.

Note the probability of winning

Players should also always consider the odds of winning. It is a fact that chance has no memory. That is one of the most important principles. In practice, this means that profits don’t become more likely just because you’re constantly losing. Most players think that after a losing streak, a winning streak automatically follows. Unfortunately, this is not the case because the results are purely coincidental. Therefore, one should not speculate that after many losses, a long-awaited profit will finally appear.

Take breaks

It is also important to take a break. You should never play too long. Even if things are going well, you should stop in between. Players tend to raise bets because it just seems to be going well. But that should be avoided if possible. Because by increasing the stakes, you risk getting rid of the winnings quickly. And you shouldn’t risk a win lightly. You should rather play with small bets. So you always keep an eye on everything and above all the risk of loss is not so high. If that remains a little manageable, it is a great advantage for the players. Of course, it is also the case that small stakes can win small amounts. But you should still be careful.

Don’t play drunk

As is the case in many other areas, it is much more fun to play a little tipsy. You also become more risk-taking, which is of course good for the casinos. Therefore, alcoholic beverages are often served in normal casinos. In that case, reason falls by the wayside. The recklessness prevails and could quickly cause problems for the player. Therefore, you should really always be clear-headed when playing in the online casino.

Use play money mode to practice

If you have no experience with online casino at all, you should try play money mode first. You can try out different games and get to know the whole procedure first. But you should also be aware that practicing does not increase your chances of winning. Playing has nothing to do with skill, just simply with luck. The results are based on the random principle. The chances of winning do not increase just because you have practiced in play money mode beforehand. But at least that’s how you know what the game has to offer, which functions are available and what winnings are possible. So players can first get familiar with the game before playing for real money.

Myths and legends among casino tricks

The following sections cover dubious tricks. These tips and tricks have made it into many Internet guides, even though they are pure nonsense or even fraud. Therefore, we would like to warn about things. It is mostly a matter of false assumptions or, as already mentioned, fraud. And therefore you should always be very careful before falling for such things.

Invitation to casino fraud with software manipulation

There are some scammers on the internet who invite users to participate in a bomb-proof thing. It is suggested that they have found the secret door to win at the online casino all the time. All you have to do is get in, install the software and you’re ready to go. With the software, the chances of winning should increase significantly. In addition, it is claimed that this is also legal, since software manipulation is not illegal in the country of origin of the casino.

But of course that’s absolute nonsense. Such scam software doesn’t really exist. And if there was such a thing, it would not be legal in any country. Such offers are only available from fraudsters. Either they are commissioned by online casinos to send the players to them or they can have the manipulation software purchased directly. The purchased software will of course not work.

Hot and cold games

It is often advised to ask the online casino customer service about the currently hot games. These hot games are said to be games that are currently paying out very well. But unfortunately there is no such thing. The results of each game depend on chance. And chance has no memory. All games always have their normal payout chances. You can save yourself a call to customer service.

Safe strategies

There is a strategy that could actually work if there weren’t some obstacles. The strategy is called Martingale strategy. There is an exponential bet increase that ends either at the fortune or at the table limit. If there were no such limitation, the roulette strategy would be very interesting and would work. In principle, it is the case that no strategy can undermine the house edge of an online casino. The online casinos also have to survive and make money in some way. Here you should also switch on common sense again. If there were a strategy that would be easy to find and work without any problems, the strategy would be used by every player. In this case, the games from the online casinos would quickly disappear or the provider would even go bankrupt. One can therefore assume that there is no safe strategy that can also be implemented.

Conclusion: Many casino tricks are dubious and unusable

As has been heard many times, scams happen occasionally in land-based casinos and arcades. Such scams are then based on inside knowledge. Technical weaknesses of the equipment are also possible. Incidents can of course also occur on the Internet. Hackers in particular have ways to attack an online casino. But of course this is illegal and can only be done with difficulty. In general, there are only good casino tips that encourage moderate and sensible games. This means that players only use dispensable money to play, opt for manageable and constant stakes, take breaks and stop playing in good time. You should also stop when you are in the plus. Other tips and tricks on the Internet may well be meant, but make little sense. So set yourself a budget register with one of our reputable casino providers and heed the most important trick of all: have fun!