With a roulette system for the first million – that is the dream of many a lucky knight. But can that work at all? Is it possible to make long-term secure winnings with a roulette trick? We approached the subject objectively and quickly realized that there are no working roulette tactics. Videos and self-proclaimed gambling experts who claim something like this are not serious and should be avoided by gamblers if possible.

MartingaleDoubling the stakesEasy to doMissions rise very quickly
ParoliDoubling profitsLittle riskrare profit taking
MarchesBet on overdue numbersLittle riskPredictions are all random
FibonacciFibonacci progressioncomplicated sequences of operationsonly slowly increasing stakes

The content of the well-known and often highly praised roulette systems is mostly a principle that gives an apparently safe profit after many games in a row. It is assumed that based on the results that have already occurred, conclusions can be drawn about the probabilities and odds of the next games. However, this basic assumption must in principle be dismissed out of hand. In roulette, every game must be viewed as a separate event. Just because a number was drawn earlier in the round, the probability of exactly that number being drawn again does not decrease for the next game. This means that most roulette tricks have no basis whatsoever.

Roulette Systems – Why Are They There?

Anyone looking for tactics on gambling like roulette on video platforms like YouTube will find it very quickly. A large number of different YouTubers regularly create introductory and sometimes deliberately semi-professional clips, in which viewers are promised the highest profits by using the respective roulette tricks. Even the video description is seductive. It says, for example, “How I made 734 euros in 3 hours”. However, these representations are usually taken from the air and are not true.

In the following video a roulette system is presented which is said to result in a safe win. It is popular to list another one before the actual roulette trick and to try it out. Of course there is no profit. Such structuring is carried out within the videos in order to increase the credibility of the YouTubers. The actual roulette system then increases the gambler’s account balance practically as if by magic. Mostly every game is a hit, the winnings keep increasing. In order to convince the last critics, bank statements are added. According to this, revenues of more than 150,000 euros are possible through roulette systems. A calculation that never works out in reality. Most of these videos are simply fake and show false facts to interested parties. This is possible, for example, by using manipulated software, which is then shown in the video.

Why are roulette systems published?

If interested Internet users see how quickly and easily money can be earned with just a few clicks, they will of course be alert. If possible, they would like to try the roulette tricks themselves and are looking for an online provider for the roulette game. Fittingly, the YouTuber already mentioned an online casino in its video, which is supposed to be perfect for implementing the trick. The link to the provider can be found in the video description. A viewer now logs on to the online casino using the link mentioned and makes a deposit that benefits from the YouTuber. Via an advertising system, the participant is either involved in a flat fee per registration or as a percentage of the payments made via his link. The sums paid out can be very high so that a video is already worthwhile which, for example, only generates ten new customers for the online casino. The roulette systems are published only because of the pursuit of some individuals.

Are all roulette systems wrong?

Certainly, some ambitious and passionate gamblers are wronged if all roulette tactics are simply labeled as nonsense. By combining different bets on the field, the probability of winning can be increased. There are interesting and well-thought-out solutions here that can possibly help players. The fact is, however, that all roulette systems that are advertised with very high chances of earning are simply fraud. Mostly wrong calculations are made on the probabilities, so that a roulette tactic is very promising at first glance. A common mistake with such reasons is the disregard of the game sequence. For example, if the number drawn is black, the likelihood that a red number will be drawn the next time you play roulette does not increase. Games are always completely independent, so that the initial probabilities are always the same. Roulette systems that are based on several games are therefore not always sensible.

When do roulette systems work?

The online casinos continue to work on their games and casino offers. Every now and then other variants of the classic roulette can be found. There, for example, the drawn ball is removed from the solution after each game. This in turn reduces and increases the likelihood of other draw results. Here it is theoretically possible to make relatively safe tips with roulette systems. However, the respective odds are also adjusted so that most roulette tricks are in the long run in vain.

Black or red? The martingale game

The best known roulette system is the so-called Martingale strategy. In principle, the idea behind it is very simple. A gambler chooses a color at the beginning of his games at the roulette table. Green is not taken into account. The chance that the drawn digit is red or black is 49.325 percent. An approximate probability of 50 percent is assumed here. A specific bet is placed on a color. If the player wins, he places an amount of the same amount in the next game on this color and keeps the win. However, if the round was lost, the bet in the next round is doubled and placed on the selected color. This principle is repeated until there is a profit.

commitmentaccumulated betsprofitprofit
1 €1 €2 €1 €
2 €3 €4 €1 €
4 €7 €8 €1 €
8 €15 €16 €1 €
16 €31 €32 €1 €
32 €63 €64 €1 €
64 €127 €128 €1 €
128 €255 €256 €1 €
256 €511 €512 €1 €
512 €1023 €1024 €1 €

This total amount of money alone cannot be achieved for most players. Since the probability of drawing a certain color for the next round does not change, the chance of winning is always approximately 50 percent. In a short time, this can result in an immense total loss for the player. This strategy often argues with the wrong view that the respective color has to be drawn at some point. This is provable stochastically. However, this is not the case: a sequence of 100 black numbers is also possible and just as likely as the constant change of colors. The Martingale system is therefore not a worthwhile option for investing in roulette.

Roulette systems outside of online casinos

If you want to make a profit with a roulette tactic you have to try your luck away from the internet. In the now 250-year history of roulette, clever gamblers have been able to make a profit mainly by exploiting mistakes in the game. These methods are only possible in practice, since the manufacturing difficulties of the individual roulette components are particularly assumed here.

Classic boiler faults

The greatest chances of financial success have players who bet on kettle mistakes. The ball is turned in a cauldron during the game. Which number is drawn in most newer models is pure coincidence. Boilers are designed so that the probabilities are always the same. In reality, however, there may be smaller mechanical fault tolerances, so that no boiler is really perfect. Finding out where these problems lie is very time-consuming and practically impossible for gamblers these days, especially in professional casinos.Boiler errors can always be exploited if a tendency is evident from the many rounds played. For example, if the number drawn is disproportionately often within a range of seven digits, it can be profitable to bet on one or all of these numbers for the next games. Such a tendency can be seen in private game rounds with less professionally manufactured kettles. With the right roulette system, gamblers can then make long-term profits over time. This method is not advisable for real casinos and is usually not successful. From the private and illegal gaming sector, however, there are always stories of players who have been able to build up such large fortunes.

Measurement of the speed

With special detection and prediction software it is possible to measure the speed of the boiler. These roulette systems work through a camera or by manually triggering a mechanism. Once the speed has been determined, the numbers drawn can at least be roughly predicted. The use of the technical mechanisms for determining the speeds and betting on corresponding results are not permitted in most casinos. Players are usually banned from going to the casino if they are exposed. Professional lucky knights react to this by changing the casino. If there were a roulette trick that would make a profit, roulette would not be a game of luck. The game principle is designed so that the casino always has a small advantage. When playing online, this cannot be reversed and used for your own good. Advertised roulette systems are therefore never the safe winning methods as they are often touted. Roulette players must be aware that this is a game of chance and they cannot outsmart the roulette system.