If you want to play slot machines, you choose one of the most popular and risky casino game types. Due to the large jackpots and the enormous selection of games, the slot machines are among the most popular games of chance worldwide. Here are the most important tips for the casino machines and also jackpot de tricks to maximize the profit as possible and to be tested by us.

General tips for slot machines

1. Use discount cards
Most casinos have discount cards for slot machine players. The programs are similar to those of the frequent flyer campaigns of many airlines. By playing, discount points can be collected, which can later be exchanged for meal vouchers, flights, other games, free dinners or the like. Especially in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, these cards are designed to reward slot players for their loyalty.

Because the house edge with slot machines is so high, you should always make use of the Comp-Card; because the casinos earn so much from these players that the loyalty points are particularly high. Here it is even more impossible to outsmart machines.

In the end you get paid for playing and not tricking slot machines. The amount of points will probably not compensate for the losses you lose. But you also benefit from the offers and promotions that the casinos subject to an exclusive offer. In addition, the loyalty card can also be combined with other games – such as online blackjack or online roulette – so that not only the slot can be benefited.

2. Simple games have better payouts
You don’t need any special knowledge to play and enjoy in the online casino. But you can develop special attention for casino machines that are likely to have a better payout level – without having to outsmart machines. The easier the game, the better the payout. The is when that the fun factor at the beautiful melted, executivly and good designten Playing course much is more people accepted. In this respect, you exchange your fun with the (boring, but satisfactory) profit. The decision is yours!

3. Understand the principle of slot machines
The truth is also not: the automaten are also on the truth of a truth of a interest of a interest of a interest of a interest of a interest of a interest of a interest of a interest of a interest of a interest of a The means, the most gains are very rare used, middle and small gains are more likely in there. At the first press of a button, what has happened is already decided.

The blinking, the turning, the waiting is only part of the show. The bottom line is that every player has a chance of winning or losing at any casino machine.

We are, is from game automatic to game automatic different and for the player never transparent. That means: the so-called “timing myth” is absolutely untrue. Just because a machine has lost many times does not mean that the next try must be profitable. The game machine is a book about its return to a return of a match of a match of a match of a match of a match of a match of a match of a match of a match of a match of a match of a match of a match of a match of a match of a match of a match

The slot machine is controlled by a random number generator. This fact is extremely important if you want to be successful as a player, because the statement is clear: there is no (legal) way to change anything and to trick machines.

The same applies to slot machine tricks book by Ra or something like that, which indicate that you can manipulate slot machines – which is simply not possible. Book of Ra is recommended.

4. Select progressive slot machines
The most popular way to get maximum profit is to choose the progressive jackpots. The means: the player gets every time the maximum use. This jackpot is good, if you discipline yourself, you can also set a certain limit. If a profit is distributed, you get the maximum jackpot. However, the risk of losing as much as possible with this Jackpot DE trick is also higher. This strategy is worthwhile for a short trip to the slot machines, because you place a few big bets instead of many small ones.

This tip is the large difference that the most machines with progressive slots. The more people play, the higher the connected jackpots – every progressive slot machine in the Cas can do that

5. The higher the face value of the bet, the better the probability
For this reason, it is always recommended, for example, to bet one coin per line in a 5 cent game than five coins on a line in a 1 cent game. In other words: the fewer lines are selected / played and the more coins are bet per line, the better the percentage payout.

Similar to the progressive jackpots – with Jackpot DE Tricks – you invest more in a 1 euro game than in a 10 cent game or in a 1 cent game, but you also get a lot more back in percentage terms , But keep in mind, online slot machines are not online mau mau – you have to risk something to win something!

6. Self-discipline
With slot machines in casinos and slot machines in arcades, you should keep a cool, rational head – this also applies to any Jackpot DE tricks. It is best to play very slowly and carefully to satisfy your kick. The big expectations should be left at home. The fun is in believing that you have more than luck. This is perfectly fine as long as you keep your finances tidy.

In addition, you should also refrain from trusting tricks from dubious sides – when it comes to such things as “tricking machines” or “slot machine tricks Book of Ra” or other specific slot machines. These are usually not feasible and do not help you in the least. In addition, it is definitely much more productive to play less, but with staked, big bets that lead to maximum success. After that, it’s best to forget about the slot machines and take a happy walk home.

7. Accept tips where they exist
In some games there is actually the possibility to test your own skill. A game is about top dollar. These games often offer help and some tips to help players understand what it is all about.

This advice should definitely be accepted, so that in the end there is no disappointment and you don’t sit in the dark, but instead have more fun playing. And of course you always take tips from other players, whether you get it in the online casino or elsewhere!

Believe us: every game is more fun when you play it with others.

8. Start at the end of the row
It used to be said that the slot machines at the end of the row are less seen in casinos, but are unusually noticeable if you win. Therefore, you should stick to them because they pay higher and more often profits. But nowadays this is no longer the case – at least in most casinos!

Withdrawals are now completed with barcode tickets rather than coin tokens. Thus the obvious chance for a profit dies. In addition, slot machines are now set up alongside their peers and all offer the same payout opportunity, which is why a quick change in winnings doesn’t change much.

9. Almost profits are possible profits for you
When you walk through the casino again and are looking for a new slot, you are increasingly looking for a starting position in which only one symbol is a win away. Such a search can also give you a short break that you may really need. In addition, the search for such a slot is also entertaining because you can view different slots. However, you should note that even an almost win does not guarantee an early win! As is so often the case in casinos and online casinos, it is still a coincidence.

Again, we’re referring to older gaming machines here, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work these days!

10. Don’t fall for secret casino tricks
There are self-proclaimed “experts” who want to give you secret casino tricks and only want to make money with them. This includes especially secret casino trick books, which cost a lot of money but ultimately do not have the desired effect. You just spend all of your money that you would rather have invested in slot machines on a document that does not contain any “secret casino tricks”. Secret casino tricks are ultimately nothing more than expensive advertised casino tricks, which you can get from us on casino games for free and without additional costs.

11. Understand volatility
In addition to hot and cold slots, there is the volatility of an online slot. This determines how often and how much the slot machine pays out. A high volatility means a high payout, which occurs sporadically. So the risk is conceivably higher than with a slot with low volatility.

Low volatilities in online slots are the exact opposite: low payouts that occur more often. Then there are also medium volatilities that are best for most players. Feel free to include this aspect in your slot machine tips, but don’t make it the most important point. In the end, you should still play what you enjoy the most.

12. Do not play at airports and “tighten” slot machines
This advice for slot machines and Jackpot DE tricks should not only apply to airports, but is especially valid in Nevada, Atlantic City, Macau and other casino strongholds. In places where player loyalty is not critical, payout rates are likely to be particularly poor.

Since there is always through traffic at the airport, there will always be a few players who want to pass the time. Because there are enough players in the run, the operators of the machines are not dependent on a loyalty program due to competitive pressure. If the players keep flying and haven’t won anything, they won’t think about it anymore.

At a casino, that’s something else. The casino operators do not want to lose their customers to the competition, which is why they let the casino machines play out winnings with better chances. The terms for these differences between the machines are “tight” and “loose”, ie “firm” and “loose”, the latter standing for a higher probability of winning.

13. Avoid distractions
There are different types of slot games and different ways of winning them. However, casinos and slot machine operators know how to distract guests and how they try to trick slot machines. With flashing neon signs and various images, the casino will try to distract the player.

The alpha and omega of the slot game and a Jackpot DE trick is that you understand how and what you win, how to bet and bet and when the probability of a payout is low or high. The player should not be put off or distracted. Even the profit sometimes goes down.

Traditionally, slot machines have only one payline. Video slots, however, can have multiple, horizontal, vertical, diagonal. The player should know which payline he has chosen and have a close look at the outcome of his bet.

14. Do not leave the slot machine with credit
Sometimes the casino slot machine needs the special help of a casino employee for any payment. This is generally due to the functioning of the slot machines and the security regulations of the casinos. There will be a prompt on the screen to call the next assistant.

However, it is of the utmost importance not to leave the slot machine. Usually, an employee is automatically notified of a signal by the casino machine and comes to the winner himself. If you leave your machine with a running credit, you have no guarantee that you will get your bet or profit back.

15. Choose Responsible Casinos
As so often, casino games are all about serious and secure online casinos. This is also a good tip for slot machines. Because, like with serious game developers, you should only play in casinos that are also safe! An insecure online casino offers dubious online slots, that’s for sure.

If you register in such a casino, your deposit and any winnings – if possible – will not be paid out. In addition, your data is not sufficiently protected. So only play in responsible online casinos!

16. No slots in the advertising break!
It is very easy to quickly lose a few euros on the online slot machine. The likelihood of winning a lot of money on slot machines is relatively low compared to other games. At the same time, it is so easy to play, and every round goes very quickly. That is why many people simply play a few rounds during their lunch break or even use the app to eat, hoping to easily land a lucky hit. You should avoid this if possible!

If you play from home, you should look at the visit to the online casino as you would in a real one: you sit down, set a limit and then stop when this limit is reached. Otherwise you don’t notice how much money you lose “on the side”.

17. Try out play money slots
The big advantage of online casinos is definitely free casino games. These are not only perfect for beginners to get to know slots, but also easy for all players who like to play but just want to take a break from playing with real money.

Playing slots with play money allows you to make sure that you really want to spend your money in this slot machine. In addition, payout tables and bonus features can also be checked.

In almost every online casino free slots, free blackjack and also free roulette can be played; however, live casino games are excluded. You can also play these games directly on casino games without registration and deposit!

18. Choose games according to your taste
In online casinos and casinos there is an oversupply of slot machines and online slots. There are slots for beginners, advanced, lovers of old slots and also modern variants. The same applies to the topics in casino games; from ancient Egypt to outer space and the future, a wide variety of slots take you on an adventurous journey.

But that’s not all: the bonus functions differ from game developer to game developer. Do you prefer high bonuses in the game or just a simple spin of the reels? So before you dive into the first-ever NetEnt slots, take a look at the online casino! Microgaming may have a game you were looking for.

19. Find the best offer for slots
With stationary slots, you don’t have much choice between games, at least not in every casino. Things look very different on the Internet: here you can register with exactly the online casinos that offer the best payout rates and bonuses for slots.

As these offers change from week to week, as a passionate online slot machine player you don’t always have to play with the same provider. Therefore, it means: research well before you start. The payout amount is usually given for each game. It is also important that you have the right payment options for deposits and especially withdrawals at online casinos.

20. Choose a well-known game developer
In addition to well-known game developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming, there are also those on the Internet that want to knock people off. That means you create slots that are manipulable or pay little or nothing. Reputable online casinos that you can find on casino games will never offer you a slot that is not secure. On the casino pages, all slots are also checked for security by eCOGRA. Therefore, you should only stick to developers who know you and have a good reputation. For example NetEnt, Microgaming or Play’N GO.

21. Play VIP programs
Comp cards are available in stationary casinos, and VIP programs are available in online casinos. If you play more often with the same provider, you can climb the VIP ladder and benefit from the bonuses and exclusive access as well as cashback options.

Because slot machines have a high house edge, it is worth earning your loyalty points from the very first game. This usually happens automatically on the Internet. The loyalty points and VIP rewards do not compensate for any losses in the game, but you can comfort them with nice gifts.

By the way, slot bets usually count a lot in the wagering requirements for new sign-up bonuses. However, you should also read the conditions of participation and the winnings carefully before registering, because sometimes these conditions are hardly worthwhile. It will be almost impossible to get the online casino bonus.

22. Read online slot machine instructions
Not all slot machines are the same, so it’s worth taking a closer look at the rules and conditions and understanding the glossary. This also helps the slots player, regardless of the game type and platform, to understand the conditions of the slot machine for the paylines and bonus rounds in more detail and to use them in such a way that they are played most effectively.

Believe us: it is worth taking a few minutes to read through the slots instructions. Nowadays more and more lucrative slot machines are coming out, with new and unique rules where the whole principle of the slot can be different. It’s just all the more fun if you are more familiar with the game and don’t waste your time and money.

23. Develop strategy
There is hardly a valid strategy for online slot machines or Jackpot DE tricks, but you can at least curb your cravings a bit by arranging your gaming behavior. The first tip that the grandparents have already given: start slowly, do not directly increase. If you are not very lucky, you will immediately lose everything. It is best to increase your bets when you are winning and decrease them as soon as you start losing. So you can maximize your gaming fun on the virtual slot machine and at the same time minimize the losses so that you can spend more time with this lucrative leisure activity. While there are systems in blackjack or roulette (such as Markov System or Martingale System), such systems do not exist in slot machines.

24. Take your time
Just like the point of “not being distracted”, it is important that you plan your time when you play. Don’t just start playing slots just to play slots. Sit down comfortably, get a drink ready and devote yourself exclusively to the slot. That means you don’t just take your phone out to play a few rounds of slots while waiting for a friend in the car, or while driving on the train. Plan to play in the online casino and make it a special occasion – so you can also prevent gambling addiction.

25. Always play the maximum bet
You should always know (or just find out) what the minimum number of virtual coins in the slot machine is. You should also know what the coins in the machine are worth in order to adjust your game balance. Always make sure that you bet the maximum to activate all pay lines in the slot. That means choosing a game that you can afford instead of playing an expensive one that misses the jackpot because you haven’t played “Max Bet”. We make many of the most important decisions before the game.

26. Adapt the bet to progressive jackpots
If you choose a progressive jackpot slot, then you shouldn’t be playing on the deepest bet. Most progressive jackpots have a certain minimum bet that you have to wager in order to participate in a possible win. If your bet is below the limit, you can still dust off winnings and automatically pay the jackpot, but you won’t be able to win the jackpot. If you like the slot just like that, that’s a different matter, but if you are looking for thrills, you should heed this tip.

27. Calculate your credit
Before you start an online slot, you should have a budget plan. Even if you are out of luck on that particular day, your plan should help you get the maximum game amount possible and keep losses at a manageable level.

The average payback of the slots is around 90 percent.

That means you can expect to lose ten cents for every euro you put in the slot machine, or ten euros for every hundred euros you wager. It’s not an exact calculation – it’s just what you can expect over time. Now you have to find out how much you want to bet per hour. If you bet an average of $ 100 an hour, a $ 200 credit should keep you in the game for five to ten hours, even if you have a losing streak.

28. Ignore “hot” and “cold”
In addition to the payout ratio, there is no other reason why one slot should be “hotter” or “colder” than another. On a slot machine that has just been paid out, the chance that the next spin will be paid out is as high as ever.

An online slot where many rounds have been played without payout is not “hotter” than any other machine with the same setting. If a die is rolled twice, both outputs can be the same number. The online casino customer service is asked the same question every day and the answer is always the same: there are no “hot” or “cold” slots.

29. Pack away winnings immediately
The best way to play online slots and slot machines successfully: definitely pocket the winnings.

Anyone who has set their loss limit should stop when it is reached and not a single cent later.
If you could double your bet, you should put away your winnings and only play until the originally planned money was used up.
In this way you can be sure that you will leave the slots game with money without losing any of the fun and of course money management.

30. Accept losses
If you choose to play slots and video slots, it is important that you know how to accept losses. As soon as you get annoyed by losses and try to repair these losses with profits, you are faced with an incessant cycle that repeats itself over and over again.

At one point, it may not be a big problem in itself, but over time, the losses accumulate as you get more and more involved in slot machines and lose more and more. Take this slot machine tip to heart and let losses be losses. After all, you can’t always win!